How the Driving Went

My Zipcar trip to Providence was six months’ worth of driving drama, condensed into one day.

Drama Point 1: Construction on Route 9, the busy highway near my home. This entailed merging, re-merging, and finally re-emerging to exit onto–

Drama Point 2: Interstate 95 South. Where there was also construction! Where I almost missed my exit, despite my GPS’s blandly forceful warnings, and braked hard and dangerously to get off the road. (Lesson learned: next time, I will just miss my exit and get off at the next one.)

Then there was a brief lack of drama while I enjoyed wandering around downtown Providence and eating a delicious lunch at AS220.

Drama Point 3: On my drive back to Boston, my newly purchased GPS died. I wound up in a northern suburb of Boston, and had find my own way home to Brookline. I took the old-school approach of stopping at a bank to ask directions. It worked! An elderly Russian lady knew what was up and directed me back home.

Wow! It was both empowering and terrifying.

What freaks me out about driving is how high the stakes are. If I space out or panic, for even a moment, that can cause injury or death–my own, or other people’s. How can people drive on the highway every day, and be so calm about it (even bored enough to listen to audiobooks)?