A Social App That Lies for You

I read about CouchCachet in Self magazine and was instantly horrified. It’s an app that works with FourSquare to “check you in” at cool locations near your home, such as a new restaurant, club, or concert venue. But CouchCachet does these check-ins for you at your request, while you’re at home. So your friends see on Twitter or Facebook that you’re out doing something cool. But really, you’re home in your jammies watching Netflix.

A quick survey of the CouchCachet website shows that this app is a lighthearted lark from some funny people including Brian Fountain. Their site includes taglines like “I can finally be who I want you to think I am” and “Life. Without the Hassle of Living.”

Thank goodness they’re not deathly serious about this. I just hope everyone who’s using this app does so, umm, ironically. With like six layers of air quotes around each faux check-in.