Top 10 Reasons I’m Childfree

From time to time I invite a guest blogger to share their take on not having kids. This one’s by my friend Nancy.

10. From a feasibility standpoint, I am a single person who works at a nonprofit. Which equates to me barely being able to feed and clothe myself. It would be foolish and irresponsible of me to have a child. 

9. I love to travel. If I had the means, I would travel multiple times a year, and far, far away. Yes, you can travel with kids. But it honestly looks like a pain in the ass.

8. I am not a morning person. Never have been and never will be. The thought of being unable to sleep late for possibly 18 years is…unthinkable. 

7. OPK = Other People’s Kids. If I had a kid, he/she would one day have friends. I would eventually be dealing with other people’s kids. Too. Many. Kids. 

6. The “free” in “childfree” is key. I value my freedom: my freedom to eat cereal for dinner, to stay up until 1:00 am watching a movie or reading, or to grab an impromptu drink with a friend after work. 

5. Pushing 40, I am used to my peaceful and restorative downtime. I can’t imagine living without it. 

4. I enjoy my hobbies and interests. I live in a city because I like to do things. I like to attend concerts, museum exhibits, movies, book readings. I like to ramble in the park and listen to the wind blow through the trees. 

3. There are too many people on the planet already. There are so many people on Earth who need help as it is. I volunteer regularly and find it fulfilling to help those already here to learn, grow, and succeed. 

2. Speaking of the planet, it’s going to hell in a handbasket. I have no interest in raising a child in a world with sexting, e-books, global warming-induced natural disasters, mentally ill people killing people in schools, movie theaters, etc., etc. 

1. See #2–#10.

Disclaimer: I do not “hate” children. I can certainly understand why many people have them. They bring immeasurable joy into their parents’ lives (most of the time). I respect their decision to procreate, so I would hope they would return the favor and respect my decision not to. 

Nancy Howell enjoys her childfree life in Boston, and often blogs about her adventures.

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