Why I Pierced My Ears at 40

The older I get, the more I do things I’ve always said I’ll never do. Last week I got my ears pierced.

I never did it as a kid or a teen, and after that it seemed too late. But after years of scouring thrift stores for agonizing clip-on earrings, I bit the bullet.

Three of my girlfriends–Kaitlyn, Nancy, and Zohal–joined me on my adventure. We headed over to Ancient Arts in Boston, MA.

anya-and-ladiesFrom left: Nancy, Zohal, Anya, Kaitlyn. All photos courtesy of Fance Nance.

I’d spent a long time a few weeks back talking with the owner, Matt, about what to expect. Deep down, I wasn’t so much scared of the pain, but that getting pierced would make me into a different person.

But we’re all becoming different people, every day. The trick is to transform in a healthy, playful way.

And for me, getting pierced seemed like a warrior goddess tradition. Why not get in on that action? And increase the bling factor in my life?

Here’s me before, flaunting my lobe:

before-2My last few moments as an unpierced lady.

And here’s me after:

newly-piercedMy shiny, sterilized earlobe, post-needle.

The pain wasn’t bad. It felt like a small, vindictive animal sinking one sharp tooth into my earlobe.

I went with purple labret studs for the starter earrings. Zohal said that the sparkle on my ears made my eyes look brighter too.

anya-and-mattMe and the piercing pro: Matt from Ancient Arts.

Thanks to Matt and my girlfriends for making this body art ritual fun and memorable!

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