The Wonders of Stitch Fix

Image courtesy of rRradionica on Flickr, via Creative Commons.

I find clothes shopping traumatic and tedious. So I just signed up for Stitch Fix, a magical clothing delivery service.

Here’s how it works. You fill out a survey about your clothing sizes and preferences, and they send you a box of five items: a mixture of clothes and accessories. You keep what you want and send back the rest. No charge for shipping or returns.

I got my first box today and had great luck. Of the five items they sent, I kept this blouse:

This necklace:

And a pair of skinny jeans. I love all three!

Apparently as you give feedback to your stylist after each order, they are able to fine-tune what they send you so your boxes get more and more awesome.

Highly recommend checking out Stitch Fix! They aren’t paying me to plug them here, but if you sign up and use this code, I’ll get some store credit with them:

Also, Molly has done some wonderful blogging about her Stitch Fix obsession and has adorable photos of herself and all her Stitch Fix gear. Makes me almost enjoy buying clothes…