Stepping Up

A couple months ago, I moved in with my new roommate Aimee and her dog Darla.

This is Darla:


I love living with these girls. Having my own place was awesome too, but it got lonely sometimes. It’s wonderful to come home to a positive, enthusiastic roommate and a dog who thinks I’m a superstar.

My friend Holly refers to Darla as my stepdog. I know what she means, though it’s definitely a slacker version of being a stepparent. I have all the benefits of having a pet, while Aimee handles all the major responsibilities. (Though I have been helping out with taking Darla for walks sometimes.)

This all made me think about potentially becoming someone’s stepmom someday. I’m probably not going to ever get pregnant, but I could fall in love with a guy who has kids from a previous relationship. In fact, a lot of the single men in my age group (30s and 40s) are divorced and have anywhere from one to (yikes) four kids.

The more I think about that idea, the more I like it. I’d make a great stepmother–though I know it must be extremely complicated and challenging in ways I can’t even conceive of.

For now, though, my stepdog is more than enough to keep me fulfilled.