Rings of Power

I’ve been wearing two rings a lot lately.

One of them is my Tiger Ring:


This was a gift from a Chinese friend. My Chinese Zodiac animal is the tiger. I wear it to remind myself that I’m fierce and strong.

I’ve also been wielding this ring, acquired only a week ago at Ms. Linda’s jewelry party:


This is my Bling Ring (aka the Dartboard or the Aztec Calendar). I wear it to remind myself that I’m feminine.

Spirit animal on the left hand, goddess reminder on the right.

Wearing these rings makes me feel powerful and stylish. They both get lots of compliments.

My “ring finger” is bare on both hands. I’m fine with that.

I’m looking for a soul mate–more on that in the weeks to come. But I like that these rings place no obligation on me. Neither cost me a cent. And if I lose one, it’s not a disaster.

Maybe I’m working my way up to a bigger commitment.

What do you have on your hands these days?