Unhook your belly

Image courtesy of Steve Dorsey, via Creative Commons on Flickr.

When I was taking the train from New Hampshire to Boston after Christmas, the phrase “Unhook your belly” came into my head.

I’m not sure what it means. When I do a Google search, the results are about how to remove a belly-button ring (which is not the type of piercing I got over the summer).

Still, when my brain talks to me, I listen.

Having a hook in my belly is a disturbing image. First thing it makes me think of is a fish floundering on the line.

Is there something I’ve swallowed, hook, line, and sinker? A lie that’s trawling me in a wrong direction?

It also makes me think about belly breathing. When I teach meditation, I talk about how to breathe into the belly, rather than the upper chest. This helps calm the body and mitigates the “flight or fight” response.

And the third thing I think of is pregnancy, which for me would be the ultimate hook. You are never disconnected, after you’ve had a child.

That can be a bad thing, or a wonderful thing. But either way, moms carry their kids long after they’re out of the womb.

Is there an internal stowaway hijacking my confidence? Have I made a commitment that’s slowing me down?

After viewing “Unhook your belly” from several angles, I’ve chosen a meaning that draws from all of them. The phrase means I should disconnect from anything that doesn’t serve me. It’s a reminder not to hold pain and worry like time-release capsules in my gut, but to let them dissolve.

Anyone else have an interpretation of what my unconscious was saying to me?