Meal plan

Image by Conrad Olson via Creative Commons.

I’m changing how I eat–again.

Over the years I’ve gone from being an omnivore, to a vegetarian, to an omnivore, to what my nutritionist described as “vegan plus beef.” And back to being an omnivore.

I have ambivalent feelings about humans eating other animals. But factory farming just nauseates me, and our country is backwards in its food-safety system–especially with regards to poultry and pork.

What to eat is a deep and fundamental decision. As one (vegan) friend put it, “Eating is more intimate than sex. You put food in your body–and it becomes you.”

So, I’m going back to a mode of eating I’ve enjoyed in the past: mostly vegetarian, plus some seafood. Not much dairy. Trying to minimize the sugar consumption too (a huge challenge for me).

I’ve had low vitamin B12 and iron levels before, so we’ll see if lack of red meat causes issues. But I feel relieved having made this call.

If you’ve cut down on meat, or gone vegetarian or vegan, what’s the experience been like for you?