Ms. Fix-It


Image by Kristin Breneman via Creative Commons on Flickr.

Today I installed two smoke detectors in my apartment.

It took three hours to install the first one, fifteen minutes for the second.

Lots of things are like that. The first time is awkward, confusing, unfamiliar. But once you’ve done it–you can do it again, effortlessly, a million times.

There was some stress involved in this process. The dog didn’t like it. She was alarmed at the sight of me using power tools.

And I had to make a trip to the hardware store to get extra anchors and screws.

It all turned out great. I have now used a drill! And I met a neighbor because I lacked the correct size drill bit.

So empowering to fix something myself.

2 thoughts on “Ms. Fix-It

  1. Congrats! Being able to put in a smoke detector is the first step (the gateway project) to bigger home improvement projects. 🙂

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