My New Wheels

A blue women's street bike parked on pavement by some grass
Photo by Anya Weber.

Biking in Boston can be scary. Every year or two, someone gets killed because a car opens its doors into the bike lane. Or because they take a nasty spill and aren’t wearing a helmet.

But biking also means freedom from the lurch and delay of the T. It means a cool breeze even in the worst humidity. It means rewiring my brain to understand how different parts of the city connect to each other.

After 5 years without a bike, I decided to access that freedom and pleasure again. I bought my new ride off a bright and fearless high school student who’s upgrading to a mountain bike. “Are you planning to race?” she asked me.

Nahh. Competition isn’t my goal. Exploration is.

I just moved to Quincy, and I don’t know it well at all. After only a few days out on my bike, I’m forming a clearer picture of what’s around me.

I even biked to the beach!

And I’m joining Quincycles, which advocates for better access for cyclists to all parts of our city, and leads bike tours to neighboring communities.

Blue women's street bike with person's shadow
Photo by Anya Weber.

Summer is a time for expansion, and for delight. This bike is my vehicle to both. So happy that I have her, and a safe place to keep her.

I also want to name her. Any suggestions?