5 Tips to Make Moving Easier

A room full of colorful packed boxes.
I’m in the middle of a move that will take me 1,200 miles across the country. Many blessings surround this move: I’m making it by choice, I have supportive friends and family, I can afford to hire movers, etc.

But it’s still been intense! If you’ve got a move in your future, here are some tips to make it a little easier.

  1. Push your boxes to the edges of the room.

Our outward surroundings reflect our inner state, and vice versa. So when you’re surrounded by the chaos of boxes, bubble wrap, items being sold and donated and discarded and packed—you want to consolidate all of that as much as possible.

U-Haul boxes up against a wall in a room.One thing that’s weirdly helpful is pushing boxes to the walls. It gives the illusion of greater organization, and makes it easier to walk across the room and to feel freed up as more and more items get boxed up or leave the premises.

  1. Lean on friends and family.

Whether they’re going to help you load and schlep, or just offer moral support, let them help! Don’t be a hero and try to do everything yourself. People are generally happy to assist in one way or another, maybe by lending you their car or even just spending time with you as you fill up box after box.

  1. Tell people how much they mean to you.

We don’t do enough of this, so now’s a good time to let the sentiment flow. Doesn’t have to be a flood—just tell a neighbor that you’ve really appreciated living next door, or a coworker that they’ve made your work life easier. Exchange contact info, in multiple formats—you never know when you might cycle back into each other’s lives.

  1. Pack a suitcase for the first 4-5 days after your move.

This helps deter the dreaded “I’m in my new home but I can’t find any of my shoes” effect. Pack a big suitcase with a few key outfits, shoes, and anything else you’ll need to feel at home over those first few days in the new location. Even if you’re only moving next door, this will help you know where those items are…Plus, it makes it feel like your move is a fun vacation! (Well, sort of.)

  1. Change your address with utilities, magazines, banks, credit cards, etc. BEFORE you move.

You’ll have enough to deal with settling into your new place, so a couple weeks out from your move, make a list of every single entity with which you need to change your address. And don’t forget to get the post office to forward your mail. It’s nice to have this all lined up before you go.

Are you moving this summer? If so, how are you upping your sanity levels?

Top image by Jess Robinson via Creative Commons. Second image by Anya Weber.